Expedited Route Documentation Checklist


The link for the application will be posted on the homepage.

We are asking qualified practitioners to consider applying before Oct. 1st…read HERE why!

In the meantime….you can start preparing your application by gathering all your documents and calculating your hours. This checklist has been provided to help you prepare. You may also watch this video tutorial about how to fill out the application.

Note: Remember that to apply for the Expedited route, you must first ensure you have one of the approved certifications or designations for this route. See the Approved certifications HERE.

The following is the list of documentation and HOURS you will need to upload to your application for the Expedited Route.

  • copy of certificates for any of the Approved Certifications for the Expedited Route

  • letter of good standing from these same professional associations (Note: CACCF members who cannot obtain a letter of good standing may provide proof of good standing by either 1. uploading a copy of your valid CACCF membership card to the application, or 2. uploading a pdf of a screenshot of the online member directory with your information. AHS Addiction Counsellors may provide proof of their current employment in lieu of a letter of good standing). You will also attest on the application that you are a member in good standing and that you will notify ACTA/CCTA if your status changes.

  • copies of other professional certifications acquired (not approved for Expedited Route)

  • proof of professional liability insurance for minimum 2,000,000 coverage (Applicants should submit a copy of the original certificate, if possible. Those who are covered by their employer’s insurance may request a letter from their employer stating that they are covered under their liability insurance and submit this letter instead.)

  • two professional good character references - PLEASE USE THIS FORM *note: these are not to be sent directly to ACTA; applicants should collect them and submit with their other documentation when they apply. These references may be other counsellors, or other professionals with whom the applicant has closely worked. They should not be personal acquaintances or the applicant’s therapist.

  • if you belong to another counselling college in Canada, you will need to provide the registration certificate

  • if you belong to another professional college (eg: nursing or occupational therapy), you will need to provide the registration certificate

  • if any of your documentation lists a different name, you will also have to provide proof of name change (ex: marriage certificate)

  • name and contact information for your current employer (or your professional corporation or sole proprietorship)

  • a vulnerable sector criminal record check dated within the last year See Procedure for Obtaining Vulnerable Sector Record Checks

Currency and Direct client Contact Hours

On the application, you will also to provide totals of currency and direct client contact hours to establish you meet the minimum requirements…

  • Currency Hours (see notes and definition below):

    • Addiction Counsellors: At least 750 currency hours directly related to addiction counselling in the three years prior to application; 500 of which must be completed in Canada;

    • Counselling Therapists: At least 750 currency hours in the three years prior to application

    • Child & Youth Care Counselling: At least 750 currency hours directly related to Child and Youth Care Counselling within the last three (3) years prior to application, 500 of which must be completed in Canada (completion of currency hours chart)

  • Direct Client Contact (DCC) Hours (see notes below):

    • Addiction Counsellors: At least 450 hours of direct client contact; 225 hours of which must be directly related to addiction counselling (over entire career);

    • Counselling Therapists: At least 450 hours of direct client contact (over entire career);

    • Child & Youth Care Counselling: As your certification entails the 2000 practice hours required, further verification of these hours on the application will not b required.

More information about Currency Hours and Direct Client Contact (DCC) Hours

You may use the tracking tools provided to ensure you have the required currency and DCC hours within the required timeframes. However, on the form itself you will only have to verify that you have the required DCC and currency hours. YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO ITEMIZE THESE HOURS. You will also not have to provide any proof - but you will be asked to attest to the truth and accuracy of all the information provided. You will also provide consent for ACTA to contact any person or organization listed on your application and verify any information provided.

How accurate do you need to be with your calculations?

Bear in mind our goal is to ensure that everyone in ACTA/CCTA meets the requirements for currency hours and direct client contact hours. The purpose of providing these numbers is to verify you have met these requirements. We understand that it may not 100% reflect the accuracy of your hours over and above these requirements.

Confused about the timelines for the currency and DCC hours? Just remember that currency hours are those accumulated in the 3 years (36 months) prior to applying…DCC hours can be accumulated over the life of your career, including during practicum. Some practitioners will have enough DCC hours as part of their currency hours…others will have to reach further back in their career to find the remainder of their DCC hours.

The intent is to ensure that those applying are current - meaning they have been sufficiently engaged in the profession over the past 3 years. This does not necessarily mean that they have been accumulating DCC in this time (for example, some people may have been involved in teaching , research, supervision, consulting and other activities more recently), but they still have to have accumulated at least 450 hours of DCC over their entire career.

How will it look on the application?

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 3.13.55 PM.png

If a person applied on August 24th, 2019....this is how these sections would look on the application. Note that the years are not calendar years, but the 3 years prior to the application date. Also note that it is not itemized, and only totals are requested. As long as the three fields for currency hours equal 750 the application will be approved (although some will report more than 750 hours). You only need to input a single number for your DCC hours....

What are currency hours?

Currency hours include a broad range of professional activities directly related to the practise of the profession to which you are applying, Counselling Therapy, Addictions Counselling, or CYCC, such as:

  • direct client work;

  • record-keeping and preparation in relation to direct client work;

  • professional development in counselling;

  • engaging in clinical supervision as a supervisee;

  • conducting research or writing in the field of CT, AC, or CYCC;

  • supervising;

  • teaching (must be a course directly related to CT, AC or CYCC);

  • managing those in the field of CT, AD, and CYCC;

  • consulting; and

  • other professional activities that impact the practice of counselling (Note: personal psychotherapy hours may be counted as they relate to the profession and increase a self-reflective practice), other self care, personal or spiritual practices may not be counted.)

Nicole Imgrund